Vote for Biden Harris on November 5th!


    One Year ago...

    President Biden urges you to action, so we can finish the job!

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    We support Joe biden for president!

    What has Biden Delivered?

    In the last 4 years, Joe Biden has delivered the following:

    • American Rescue Act - $1.9 trillion for economic recovery.

    • Averted recession & Cut CHILD POVERTY rate in half.

    • Created 15 million jobs in 3 years – lowest unemployment rate.

    • Strongest economic growth in the world/ Lowest inflation.

    • COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign – 500 million vaccine doses delivered.

    • Bi-partisan Safer Communities Act – enhanced background checks.

    • Bi-partisan Infrastructure Bill - $1.2 trillion – for bridges, tunnels, airports, clean water, electric grid, broadband internet, clean energy.

    • Inflation Reduction Act – INSULIN @ $35/month – negotiated drug price.

    • $369 billion investment to fight CLIMATE CHANGE.

    • CHIPS Science Act – boost domestic semiconductor manufacturing.

    • Foreign Aid Bill - $61 billion for Ukraine

    • Student Debt Relief - $20,000 for those making less than $125,000.

    • A new agency to investigate cyberattacks

    • Making airlines pay up when flights are delayed or canceled

    • Empowers federal agencies to monitor AI

    • Renewable power is the No. 2 source of electricity in the U.S. — and climbing

    • Preventing discriminatory mortgage lending

    • A sweeping crackdown on “junk fees” and overdraft charges

    • Preventing another Jan. 6: A bipartisan group in Congress worked to reform the Electoral Count Act, a byzantine 19th century law that governs how Electoral College votes are tallied.

    • Reinvigorating cancer research to lower death rates.

    • Closes background check loopholes.

    • Signed most significant Gun Safety legislation in 30 years.

    Vote Joe, so he can finish the for 4 more years!!